Are libraries obligated to serve senior citizens?


senior citizens at the libraryWe think so.

Here are some of the many ways libraries serve senior citizens.

Services you didn’t know the library offered: You can trace your family tree, connect with your grandkids, learn new things and even get help with your Medicare needs.

The library wants to make it easy for you to come visit us, a home away from home. We have a spacious parking lot, handicap assessible doors, an elevator, wide aisleways, and large leather chair.

Libraries provide seniors access to public computers in order to learn new technological skills. They also provide seniors a way to stay in touch electronically with their friends and family.

Social Media and Selfies for Senior Citizens
Would you like to stay connected with your grandchildren no matter where you or they may be? Come to your library’s Social Media for Seniors session. Learn how to create an account in Facebook and add friends and follow organizations. Stay in touch and enjoy viewing photos and videos of the people who matter the most to you. You’ll snap your selfie, post to your page and watch the Likes add up!

Did you know we have free wi-fi and that we’re working to add new hot spots through the county bookmobile? You can use your tablets, e-readers, and cellphones to search our website, check Facebook, email friends and keep up with family. Puzzled by it all? No problem! Our staff is ready and able to help.

We all have that crazy great-uncle that we are curious about. But what if you’re tha long-lost descendant of a foreign monarch? Come in and find out! Your library offers free public access to, find old photos, military records and more in a comfortable environment. Not familiar with computers? Book a librarian for help.

Seniors have been left at the tax form abyss. Come to us — we’ll bridge you to the proper forms and to the answers you need.

Are you thinking about Medicare? Are you eligible for Medicare? The Medicare rules change every year and can be confusing. Stop in or call the library to find out when the next Medicare session, presented by a certified Medicare representative, will take place to have these questions answered.

These are just a few of the ways libraries serve senior citizens.

To learn more, call or come and visit today!

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