Custom publishing is ideal for specialized needs

Custom Publication SamplesYou don’t have to be a multi-national company to need a custom publication. What used to be practical only for the largest companies is now available for smaller firms, including retailers, nonprofits, government organizations, chamber of commerce groups and many others.

Our custom publishing services include concept development, archive sourcing, interviewing, obtaining photography, and, of course, graphic design and print production. We work with you every step of the way as part of a collaborative effort.

What are some examples of custom publications? In general, a custom publication is a stand-alone piece of significant length or complexity involving a single subject and which is expected to have a shelf life of one year or more. An annual report is one example, a product catalog specific to a manufacturer or retailer is another. Or, it could be a publication for a chamber group or economic development department.

Written in a journalistic style, these pieces differ in tone from promotional material. They often require interviewing people, researching past events or materials, and bringing a myriad of facts into an understandable narrative.

Custom publishing is cost effective

A custom publication is a showpiece for a firm to have, but producing one brings together incredible efficiencies. For example, the content of the publication can easily be re-purposed for the web. Naturally, you can put a PDF of the publication on your website. But you can also use the content to build out several new pages on your site and optimize them for specific keywords. In a way, you kill two birds with one stone!