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We help businesses and entrepreneurs develop smart marketing strategies without breaking the bank or using excessive amounts of their time.


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Yes! We absolutely can do this together!

You’ll want to try to make up a lot of ground once we turn the corner on this pandemic. It can be done, but it’s going to require smart strategy development and execution. That’s exactly what The Murphy Agency can offer you.

Protecting scare resources, like cash, will be paramount as we go about growing your top-line revenue. We’re here to help. Call John Murphy today at 330-701-4743.

Inbound Marketing is Essential for Growth

We can help you get found online, increase traffic to your website, turn site visitors into prospects, and convert those leads into customers and do it without breaking the bank.

We offer a full range of marketing services.

We provide our clients with exceptional strategic marketing consultation, advertising campaign development and execution, graphic design and digital marketing services.

We love working with nonprofit agencies, too!

We welcome the chance to help you meet your marketing objectives, even if your marketing budget is tiny. We believe in doing pro-bono work whenever possible.