Even Small Companies and Nonprofits
Need Quality Marketing Materials

We can help you develop them without breaking the bank!

Are you sending your sales force out into the market with old, worn-out sales pieces, flyers, product brochures and order forms? Remember, everything you do communicates something to your customers and prospects. Using shop-worn sales literature might indicate to your customers that you’re sloppy in your work.

Sometimes it seems as though we’re living in a world that has gone completely digital. In many ways we have. But ask yourself this question: When the time to make a decision arrives for one of your prospects, is your salesperson present? In retail, the answer is easy – sure. But what about in B2B situations? Or how about with major decisions? In those instances, the sales person is nowhere to be seen.

  • A family sits at the kitchen table trying to decide on an assisted-living facility for Mom.
  • A maintenance supervisor is trying to determine which boiler to recommend to purchasing.
  • A fleet manager is considering diesel engine trucks for the first time.

At times like this, you’d want to have your very best materials in those buyers’ hands. Here’s the good news: you can do it without investing a ton of money in printing. Today digital printing allows you to produce a much smaller quantity than was practical just five years ago. Start getting quotes on smaller quantities, and you’ll want to hit the streets with a fresh suite of corporate literature.

Remember, to make your materials stand out you need great photography, professional copywriting and compelling design to pull it all together. Then finish it off with a quality print job from a reputable printer.

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