Effective advertising for a new business doesn’t have to be expensive or involve intense marketing strategies. A quality business card is essential. While you are ordering your business cards, look into tri-fold brochures as well. Not only do they provide massive amounts of information in a condensed space, they are convenient and extremely easy to use. Include tri-fold brochures when you order your business cards and signage for a triple threat marketing campaign.

Leave One as a Calling Card

Leave a tri-fold brochure behind as a calling card. Business cards are small and can get easily lost in the shuffle. A tri-fold brochure is harder to lose and can be created to attract attention. Vivid pictures, a strong logo, and quality content make brochures a better option as a leave-behind calling card. If you leave one behind at a restaurant, make sure to write a small note, thanking the staff for their service.

Easily Mailed

If you are sending out letters to potential clients, tri-fold brochures fit nicely into a standard #10 envelope and will provide additional information over and above what is already in your letter. In many cases, the letter may be thrown away but a potential client is more likely to hold onto the brochure simply because of the information it offers. Include a business card for good measure.

Use for Referrals

If you have a satisfied customer is who willing to refer your business to their friends, leave a few tri-fold brochures for them to hand out. Many will be more than happy to do so and will normally tell their friends about their experience. Make sure to provide incentives for those who are willing to pass them out. A good example would be to offer them a small discount every time a referral mentions their name. This benefits everyone involved and will create a client base that is founded on trust.

Easy to Update

One of the best things about tri-fold brochures is that you order them in smaller quantities. This allows you to add or delete information as the times change. As your business grows, you may extend your hours or add a new location. Tri-fold brochures are easy to maintain and include evergreen content and information because they can be ordered in smaller quantities.

As a new business owner, you are always looking for the best ways to advertise. This means cost-effective, easy to use, and manageable. Tri-fold brochures offer all of those features and more. Don’t get stuck with marketing materials you never use. With tri-fold brochures, you have everything at your fingertips to make your business a success. All you have to do is put them into circulation and let them work their magic!

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